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2 Doctoral Students in learning and optimization for edge computing

Μάιος 02, 2024 23:35

The Division of Network and Systems Engineering is looking for up to two doctoral students with a very strong background and interest in system modeling, optimization, and machine learning. The successful candidate will join a MSCA Doctoral Network project on developing rigorous, novel tools for safe and prompt learning and optimization of distributed network infrastructures. A strong focus will lie on the development of algorithms that include machine learning components, and on cooperation with industrial partners and with the TECoSA competence center at KTH.

2 Doctoral Students in Robotics and Machine Learning

Μάιος 02, 2024 23:33

PhD student 1 will be a part of an EU project "Digitising Smell: From Natural Statistics of Olfactory Perceptual Space to Digital Transmission of Odors". The goal of the project is to digitalize the sense of smell, pave the ground for understanding how the sense of smell works in humans and build AI models of these.

2 Doctoral Students in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer

Μάιος 02, 2024 23:29

The two PhD students recruited at KTH will be part of the newly established VINNOVA Competence Center AdTherM (Advanced Computing for Sustainable Thermal Management in Industry) targeting analyses of thermal processes in industrial applications. Additional PhD students will be recruited by Lund University and Luleå University of Technology, partners in AdTherM. The jointly identified key challenges will be studied by combining experiments, primarily carried out by the industrial partners in AdTherM, with model development and CFD simulation studies, primarily in academia.

2 Doctoral Students in Biomechanics in movement disability

Μάιος 02, 2024 23:26

The PhD students will join the biomechanics research group at KTH MoveAbility. Our research focuses on technology to decode, measure and enhance human movements, particularly in people with motor disabilities. The KTH MoveAbility research group is part of the Department of Engineering Mechanics. The Promobilia MoveAbility Lab is a well-equipped experimental research infrastructure, centrally located on KTH's campus, and in close collaboration with an interdisciplinary network of clinical and technical researchers and healthcare professionals.


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